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ABOUT US Skate Shack.

EN-US / Skate Shack was started in Bahrain in 1989 and was established in Qatar 10 years later. When we first started we had one thing in mind which was to become the best retailer of skates and skateboards in the region, and as time moved on so we expanded our ambition to include bikes. It wasn’t too long before we saw that, because of the high summer temperatures, which can hit 45 C, and the fact that Bahrain is an archipelago of islands, that there was a cross-over between bikes and water sports, so we added water-sports to our product line – but our overall mission to be the best retailer of our products has stayed firm. Where and with whom we do our business In Bahrain there are 3 Skate Shack branches : Budaiya, Amwaj and Juffair. In Qatar there are currently 3 branches : Salwa Road & Al-Khor and Barwa. We are happy and privileged to support and supply products to a number of local cycling teams and organizations in Bahrain and Qatar, as well as a number of large corporations, to whom we also provide repair and maintenance services on a contractual basis. We are big enough to be able to support our customers with all that they need at any time, but at the same we are small enough to care.

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