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Skateboards and In-Line Skates in Bahrain and Qatar

Skate Shack was the first retailer of skateboards and in-line skates in the Gulf region. Starting with Santa Cruz and Powell Peralta skateboards, and Roces in-line skates; Skate Shack or the ‘Shack’  has it became known, organized weekly and monthly street events, including the popular Friday skating held in the car park of what was then the Hilton Hotel in Bahrain (now the Golden Tulip). Skate Shack provided street ramps, the hotel put on refreshments and food, and the skaters came in their droves.

In the late 80’s  the  Shack was gifted a half-pipe by the organisers of a national event featuring BMX riders, and the ramp was transported from the event site and re-erected at a Skate Park developed by the Shack behind its’ premises on the Budaiya Highway in Bahrain. A mini-ramp was added to the park, built by Bob (Skate Shack), John and Frank (both Gulf Air), and for many years this became a popular haunt for skaters.

On 2 August 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait, and due to security concerns over scud missile attacks, the Shack was advised by the authorities to curtail the skating events in Bahrain. Regrettably during this time vandals destroyed the skate park, and the Shack was left organizing small events in various compounds around the island.

To-day the skateboarding scene in Bahrain and Qatar, is mostly confined to individuals and small groups street skating, and with a handful of individual ramps in some housing complexes. In Bahrain there are some ramps at the Al-Khalifa Park, but at this time no real Skate Park.

The Shack continues to advocate skating and lobby the various Government authorities, to invest in a skate park with the objective of getting youths off the street.

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Just arrived cruiser/longboards from Santa Cruz as well as completes and decks.

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How to build a Launch ramp

Typically skaters will build ramps out of any gash wood or boxes that they find laying around, but for a safer  ramp it’s easy to build your own, you will need some ¾” plywood for the transitions, ½” and ¼” for the surface and some 8”x4” timbers. There are a number of sites where you can download plans and build instructions.

You can also email Ryan at [email protected] for advice.

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