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Bike Fitting

Bike Fitting

Other than specialist bespoke frame builders; bicycles are built in standard sizes, typically 13”, 15”, 18”, 19.5”, 21” and 22.5” for Mountain bikes;  47cm, 50cm, 52cm, 54cm, 56cm, 58cm, 60cm and 62cm for Road bikes. Therefore choosing the right size frame is all important; then having that standard size bike fitted to your particular riding style and physical characteristics will make all the difference.

Getting your position correct on your bike, whether road, mountain or recreational is essential: a well set-up bike can vastly improve your performance, make your ride more enjoyable, and can also help in avoiding cycling injuries.

Handlebar/Stem reach and height, Seat height and position, and cleats alignment are elements within the fitting process.

Skate Shack bike fitters are trained on both the Trek and Retul motion capture systems.

Bike Fitting in Bahrain

Book a professional bike fit in Bahrain by calling Jaffar at (00973)17697176 or in Qatar by calling Anton/Eugene on (++974)44???

Fitting on a new bike

All customers purchasing a new bike from Skate Shack will be fitted to their chosen bike, by experienced staff, who will ensure that the bike chosen is the right frame size, and the seat height is correct. This service is free. However, for those cyclists who are looking to improve their performance or simply to get a professional fit, Skate Shack offers a professional bike fitting service based on a motion-capture system.

The cost of the professional fit, which will normally take between 2 -3 hours is :

Type of Fit

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New bicycle purchased from Skate Shack


Existing bicycle



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